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Confidence is your

A powerful woman knows no bounds. Yet she knows that looking and feeling her best radiates confidence and pushes her to reach new heights. Confidence is powerful, sexy and the most important ingredient to feeling like herself. Yet for every woman, confidence that starts on the inside can be challenged when faced with a mirror. 

professional makeup artist Chicago
professional makeup artist Chicago

Every woman harnesses the power to build a company, a family, or both simultaneously and to all around her appear superhuman. However, when in front of her own reflection, she’ll often tell you the things she doesn’t like first. Similarly, most women can relate to having their makeup professionally done and being disappointed with the outcome. And while we may always be our own toughest critics, somewhere along the way the definition of beauty devolved from honoring individuality to needing to fit into a mold. 


Rabecca Ann believes in celebrating individualized beauty that illuminates confidence from the inside out.

Inspired at a young age by the flaws that she couldn’t fix, she became enamored with the art of embracing her insecurities and turning them into beauty marks.

By focusing on enhancing natural assets, Rabecca Ann partners with her clients to provide a consistent result that allows them to shine as the best version of themselves. And it works. In fact, more than 90% of clients return to see Rabecca Ann at least 3 times a year.


Her fresh and modern approach paired with her strategic partnerships with the best brands and industry leaders make Rabecca Ann one of the most sought after artists in the Chicago area. Influenced by makeup from a young age, Rabecca Ann’s inspiration and work ethic comes from her mom, who as a single mother took a second job as a Mary Kay consultant to provide for her family. 

Combining this foundation with her unique educational background in occupational therapy and training under Bobbi Brown gives Rabecca Ann an impeccable ability to highlight natural beauty in all women. Rabecca Ann’s own inner strength resonates throughout her work allowing her to build fast friends and lifelong clients. 

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