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Best hydrating masks for winter skin!

Is your skin feeling dry and looking tired? Here are my top 3 products that will rejuvenate your glow.

1. Rejuvenating eye gels

Have you ever slept a full 8 hours and you looked like you slept for 10 minutes? If the answer is yes these pathology eye masks are the best quick fix. They deliver instant hydration using sodium hyaluronate to bind moisture to the skin. Caffeine to reduce puffiness, and the cool jelly texture is really soothing and refreshing. Just wearing them for 5 minutes can make your eyes appear more awake and revitalized! You can pick up a pair at your local Ulta. Click here to shop.

2. Lip Sleeping Mask

Has the winter cold made your lips dry and chapped? Yes we all know we should be drinking more water, but here's a trick for the people like me who sometimes miss a few. The Laneige lip sleeping mask soothes and moisturizes your lips overnight, making them more smooth and hydrated. Its a berry mixed complex that uses a variety of berries to add moisture to your lips....and it's paraben free! You can pick up a jar at Sephora. Click here to shop.

3. Hydrate & Glow Dry Sheet Mask

Now that your eyes and lips are hydrated, lets take care of the rest of your face! Trish McEvoy has an innovative dry sheet mask with new technology that plumps, hydrates, and brings out the glow in your skin by delivering waves of hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidents in a matter of minutes! . It's activated by your body temperature, and can be worn 3 times on clean skin. You can also use it to give matte makeup a dewy finish! This sheet mask even won Blue Mercury's Best of 2018 Beauty Award for Innovation. You can pick up your masks at Trish McEvoy's website. Click here to shop.

These 3 masks will save your skin all winter, and have you looking refreshed and youthful.

Best kept secrets by Rabecca Ann & Megan Levy


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